The Evolution of Reverse Logistics

Three decades is a long time to be consistently dedicated and devoted to any one subject matter.  Segue has been there since the beginning, weathering many seasons and we’ve learned a lot along the way.  We’ve been at the front of path, pioneering and navigating the Reverse Logistics Supply Chain industry over these many years.  And by staying current with industry evolutions, we’ve been instrumental in providing the industry the very best end-to-end solutions available.  Segue designs, implements and executes cutting-edge Reverse Logistics strategies and processes. With methodologies continuously developed over thirty years, we partner with you to customize solutions that best fit, in order to accelerate and support your business goals.


Industry Proven Processes – Trusted by Global Brands

Iconic global brands trust Segue to deliver quantifiable results in their reverse logistics operations. Our approach is designed to maximize asset recovery, eliminate channel friction and protect your brand.
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