Your Brand is Our Brand

At Segue, our mission is protecting your brand; everything good outcome flows from there. Our custom strategies and industry pioneering methodology decreases your costs, boosts your bottom line, protects you’re A-stock channel and – most importantly – maintains the integrity of your brand and the value of your brand equity. We have spent 30 years consistently analyzing industry data points, strategies and fundamental Reverse Logistics business flaws, resulting in the creation of our Sequential Reverse Logistics Systems (SRLS) methodology. SRLS solves common, intricate problems that have historically been written off as “the cost of doing business.”


There are business fundamentals that work, they always have and they always will.  Using those concepts as our foundation, but acknowledging that the Reverse Logistics environment is an ever changing arena, we have walked a steady path, acknowledging what is critical to adjust and scale according to industry trends and needs.  The strict adherence to fundamental business principles along with innovative and cutting edge strategies has made Segue the optimal partner for OEM’s seeking to maximize their reverse logistics programs.  Our clients trust us to protect their brand, and we take pride in doing exactly that. Our customer service is second to none. We are a highly knowledgeable team with a personnel averages of 10 years of Segue service and 12 years minimum in the electronics industry. Our team members are consistently connected to our clients and each other, resulting in steady and seamless operations.


Founded in 1988, Segue is located in Southern California with additional facilities in Canada, Europe, Singapore and Australia.  Segue is the industry leader for the design, execution and management of asset recovery solutions for manufacturers, major retailers and distributors in the consumer and computer electronic marketplace.



Industry Proven Processes – Trusted by Global Brands

Iconic global brands trust Segue to deliver quantifiable results in their reverse logistics operations. Our approach is designed to maximize asset recovery, eliminate channel friction and protect your brand.
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