Dear valued friends and customers,


We at Segue Corporation hope this finds you and yours safe and healthy.  These are challenging times and Segue is committed to doing our part to support as many people and business’s as possible, in whatever ways we can.  Please see below our current Covid-19 action plan as well as some important services we can provide if your need arises (Find at the bottom of this page).   We wish you and the rest of the world a quick, fast, recovery and resurgence of safe environments and economies for all. 

  • Segue Corporation continues to closely monitor recent events and updates regarding Covid-19.

    • We have instituted the CDC’s Covid-19 updated preventative guidelines, implemented March 27th,2020, across all Segue business units.

    • The health and safety of our employees and customers supersedes any other business topics

  • The Segue distribution center remains open and fully operational, with essential staff on site and the majority of our staff working remotely.  

  • Segue’s Operations forges full steam ahead, our internal IT systems and inbound /outbound logistics remain fully functional.

  • At this time we continue to be 100% committed to supporting all of our business partners with minimal disruption and delivering highest levels of services as we have over 32 years.

  • Please feel free to reach out to your Segue Corporation account manager with any questions or call our main office line at  949-589-5040.


Segue is also here to provide support to your organization by providing services that might provide supply chain solutions that are critical to your business including: 

COVID-19 Action Plan


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3PL Services
Pick, Pack and Ship Operations
Return Center Services
Inventory Processing