Comprehensive Channel Control that Protects Brand and A-stock Values

The security and critical value of an OEM’s sales and distribution channels cannot be overstated.  Protection of these channels are paramount to ongoing success.


Segue’s Remarketing Services maximize asset recoveries while protecting sensitive OEM Sales and Distribution Channels through a unique blending of dynamic strategies that create the optimal remarketing ecosystem:

  • Controlled product releases to secondary and alternative/authorized channels
  • Direct sales force management of each customer relationship
  • Maximum price impression control
  • Formulaic product pricing mechanisms that ensure no intersection between A and B Stock product offerings
  • Many additional execution points that ensure your existing customer channels are free from disruption, allowing your sales and marketing team to focus on their A-stock responsibilities, without channel or price impression friction.


When you consider the amount of time, money and resources your organization has expended in developing your Sales and Distribution channels, doesn’t it make sense to utilize a partner that engages similar strategies but tailored specifically to the uniqueness of the secondary market


Segue provides all of this, plus the metrics and analytical reporting that allows your organization to make smart and well informed business decisions while freeing up your resources.  Segue’s methodology is stable, efficient and proven. Our well-vetted approach combines speed to market, channel and brand protection and reduced operating expenses, all resulting in Maximized Asset Value and increased ROI.