Reporting and Analytics

Great data is the key to the Business Kingdom

Within your organization, consider how much time and resource allocation are expended on reporting and analytics creation, and then the additional time spent reviewing the resulting detail.  Every successful business uses this critical data to manage and grow their organization.  Most Reverse Logistics operations never achieve their highest levels of success as management data analysis tends to center on the forward logistics side of the business; Reverse Logistics is typically a secondary afterthought.  It’s completely understandable that the critical business demands on the forward logistics front don’t leave enough resource and time availability.


Segue’s dedicated Accounting, Finance and Analytics team possesses a deep understanding of the OEM business and the relevant goals, objectives and concerns, allowing them to create those critical reports that provide the data you require in order understand the status of your Reverse Logistics Supply Chain, in real time. Net effectively these metrics and analytical reports provide your team the ability to make critical business decisions, based on targeted data points, without having to do any of the heavy lifting involved in the data creation.   Another Segue deliverable that helps you expand your bandwidth, providing increased time and resource allocation exactly when and where it matters.