Bring Your Products Back With Confidence

Segue’s Return Center Services eliminate the complexity and challenges at the front-end of your Reverse Logistics Supply Chain, reducing touch points, increasing efficiencies, lowering expenses and heightening customer satisfaction.  Additionally, overall efficiencies support product speed-to-market, thereby increasing recoveries, reducing price erosion and elevating your customer’s product return experience.  Comprehensive reporting and analytics ensure complete reconciliation throughout the supply chain.  Our unique and proven approach ensures your inventory is managed with efficiency and transparency, eliminating redundancies and conserving resources. Segue’s cost-savings approach helps reduce inventory depreciation, remove unnecessary carrying costs and lower overall warehouse OPEX.


Return Center Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Returns Management
  • Inventory Management & Disposition
  • RMA consolidation & Reconciliation
  • Freight Management & Coordination
  • Returns Center Management on a Global Basis
  • Client Reporting & Analytics