Rust Never Sleeps! (and neither does price erosion)

If you are a Consumer or Computer electronics OEM, there is one absolute certainty: Product Price Erosion. Customer returns and product obsolescence commence almost immediately upon new product launches, with excess inventory issues just around the corner. Additionally, over-forecasting, competitor price reductions, and any number of economic pressures can place your inventory at-risk, at any time. Every manufacturer will have to work through these issues during the lifetime of their business operations. Whether you are a Fortune 500 enterprise seeking to focus your energies on meeting investor expectations or an up and coming manufacturer seeking to elevate to the next level, Segue is there to help design, execute and manage your reverse logistics complexities so that you can focus on the bigger, more vital picture that propels your company to its successful future.


30 Years of unwavering Focus on the Consumer and Computer Electronics Industry

You don’t entrust the maintenance of your car to the local baker.


Consumer and Computer Electronics: It’s what we know, it’s what we do.


If you manufacture something that plugs into a wall, has a USB port, or requires batteries to operate, there’s a good chance that Segue is in a position to help you manage and grow your business.  Segue provides full service, end-to-end reverse logistics solutions exclusively to manufacturers in the consumer and computer electronics industry:  Gaming, Networking, Systems, Phones, Power, storage, Cellular and more…

Maximum Asset Recovery For Manufacturers

Maximizing asset recoveries is a science that takes many uncommon industry dynamics into account.  Value cannot be adequately measured or evaluated simply by the revenues achieved by selling the inventory to the highest paying customer, at the expense of product quality or channel security as an example. Many other factors must be considered when measuring true recovery, including, but not limited to, the following:


  • Reduction of expenses that are associated with pre-sale returns activities
  • Management, inventory expenses and processing
  • Warranty and customer back-end support expenses
  • Retail and distribution protection and harmony
  • OEM sales personnel productivity


The reduction in expenses, brand equity, customer satisfaction are all critical and additional components of true recovery value.   Segue ensures that all areas of ROI are taken into account in order to produce the best Financial, Channel and Operational outcome is achieved.

Innovative Remarketing; Uncommon Quality

Conventional and historically based wisdom demand that protecting A-Stock channels when remarketing is primary to constructing a successful Reverse Logistics Supply Chain. Segue has established a global network of well-vetted, authorized, secondary, non-competitive A-stock channel customers that provide us the ability to market a wide variety of product categories, faster, discretely and efficiently, without the threat of channel contamination, while maximizing asset recovery values.  Our sales are entirely traceable, providing full accountability and extended control over the channel.  If violations occur, they are quickly and efficiently managed to channel security satisfaction. Learn More »