We’ve Built a Better The Best Mousetrap

No two businesses are alike and therefore, the optimal solutions applied need to fit the uniqueness of each individual organization.  Executing with our proprietary SRLS process, Segue designs customized solutions specific to your business operations and your established goals. Contra to the “one size fits all” processes competitively and frequently employed elsewhere, Segue’s nimble and flexible approach allows for accelerated or scalable operations and real-time adjustments as the marketplace, industry or requirements evolve. We design, implement and execute detailed strategies that deliver the strongest ROI in the industry.



Customized to Fit Your
Business’ Needs

Segue’s inventive and industry-proven reverse logistics methodologies have been developed over three decades of experience, specifically targeted to the Consumer and Computer electronics industry. We built our platform by thoroughly studying every alternative remarketing method available in the industry today. We identified fundamental limitations or shortcomings in each of them and then crafted bulletproof solutions to remedy any and all existing flaws. Our approach is guaranteed to increase your ROI on every possible level.

End-to-End Supply Chain

The shortest distance between Here and Success is a Straight Line.  Segue’s turn-key, end-to-end supply chain management solutions are tailored to your business requirements.  Our team can manage the entire scope of your critical Reverse Logistics operations, or specific parts of it, on a modular basis and then seamlessly scale as your needs evolve. And notably, Segue can service your requirements on a global basis.

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Returns Management

The conventional wisdom that “Time is Money”, is never more accurate than when applied to Consumer and Computer Electronics. Our Return Center Services increase value by reducing associated costs through the elimination of redundant or unnecessary inventory touch points, increased operational efficiencies and expedited inventory resale speed-to-market. All culminating in overall higher asset recoveries values that support your bottom line.

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Quality counts Always… and All Ways.  Segue’s processing services maximize asset recovery by ensuring that Product Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Brand Integrity – always achieve the highest industry standards on a consistent basis. Segue is obsessive in its pursuit of product excellence, consistently striving to produce the highest caliber of goods and deliverables.  All of our global processing facilities are held highly accountable to meet the Segue standardized quality levels that our OEM partners and our customers have come to expect of us.  Segue offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, fully scalable to meet projects of any size.

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Remarketing & Channel Management

Change is the One Great and Guaranteed Consistent.  The secondary electronics market is forever dynamic and evolving on a daily basis.  Staying abreast and ahead of these changes is paramount to channel, inventory and brand security.  While your at-risk inventories (Excess, Obsolete, Customer/Retail Returns) may be a small percentage of your overall revenue stream, if managed improperly, the impact to your A-Stock business can be severe and permanently damaging.  Segue utilizes comprehensive software tools, a customer direct, highly seasoned and educated sales team, 30 years of vetted strategies and a consistent view of everything that moves in the electronics marketplace to ensure excellence in the management of your vital at-risk inventory business.  Our remarketing strategies maximize recovery by utilizing carefully selected, authorized secondary channels to control product release and allocation. Your existing A-channels remain free from disruption, allowing your sales team to focus on your core business without unnecessary, margin impacting, channel noise and friction.

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