The Consumer And Computer Electronics Experts

Segue specializes in managing At-Risk inventories (Excess, Obsolete, Customer Retail Returns) for a wide variety of consumer and computer electronics categories:


Systems: All-in-ones, notebooks, tablets and attachable accessories.


Gaming and Lifestyle: Consoles, PCs, swing analyzers, keyboards, mice, headsets, fitness bands and more.


Networking: Routers, switches, adapters, extenders, media TV, hubs and more.


Power: Surge, UPS, RPS, back ups, adapters and quick-charge kits.


Storage: USB, SATA, SD, Micro-SD, CF, NAS and DAS.


Cellular/Smartphones/Emerging and Convergence Markets: Locked and unlocked phones, handsets, cases and accessories, RC, smart home appliances, security and surveillance products.